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January 26, 2020 Off By Manager

I usually read almost a book a day and some of the customers ask for recommendations. I have a stand in the shop for these and new release books that have only been read once before being exchanged. Often, I get a book that “finds me “when I need some sort of message and I thought I would share some of those with you here. 

The Girl From Munich Tania Blanchard

The Aussie sisterhood of writers are really on their game. We are now producing such astounding authors down under. This book is interesting if you have read other books on the war i.e. the dressmaker of Dachau or the tattooist of Auschwitz as this is written from the German point of view- there are always 2 sides to every story and this is certainly a poignant reminder of that.

Patricia shaw River of the Sun

A beautiful book about outback Australia and the perils of the indigenous at the hands of the settlers and gold seekers. I admired the courage of the pioneers but feel remorseful for the lack of respect afforded to the aboriginals and their land and beliefs. If we could only turn back time we would have benefitted from the knowledge of the seasons, land management and traditional food and medicine available and so many would not have been killed, starved, or perished; both black or white. The book also shows what greed for gold does to normally “right thinking “people and how the Chinese also fared in the Charters Towers region.

Enemies within the shores Debbie Terranova

This is a great self-published book one of my customers loaned me. It is about Townsville cane fields and the Italians interned during the war. Also about how the families were affected and decisions that were made in light of the Brisbane Line and American involvement. I’m very glad I was not an internee as conditions were terrible. Really well worth trying to find a copy